January 12, 2022

AI And Its Impact On Human Evolution: Is It Really Happening And How?

There is no doubt that our immediate surroundings affect our evolution, but AI and its impact on human evolution might be the biggest change yet. Evidence of this has raised its head over and over again multiple times in our past and present.

Short examples of this can be found in how our feet have changed shape due to long-term shoe usage, evidence of our thumbs and posture evolving due to cell phone use and screen time, and the overall evolution of skin tone and eye shape due to climates and environments shifting over the last century or two. 

Now, with AI and its impact on human evolution we can only imagine the changes.

With the above evidence of evolution, surely what we use and go to for answers daily will play a pivotal role in our long-term stance and situation. Therefore, AI and its impact on human evolution may be significant. 

Keep reading this article by Scalexa to find out.

AI And Its Impact On Human Evolution Might Be Revolutionary

Humans rely on technology now more than ever, which, in a very scary way, means that we are now sharing the keys to our cars that take us into the future. AI reared its head first during 1950–1956, pushing boundaries and providing buzzwords for conspiracy theorists and movie producers to have a go at, but it did not end there.

Each professor and specialist in their categories and fields has spun different outcome scenarios and doomsday theories around AI and its impact on human evolution.

This is an article about AI and its impact on human evolution by Scalexa

Here Is Why:

The general theory of evolution is that if AI becomes self-aware, its intrinsic instinct toward self-preservation will override its duty to protect humanity.

Humans fear that within this thought pattern, a calculation would conclude that the only reason the Earth is going through such vast struggles and changes is due to humanity’s influence over pollution and overpopulation.

Inside of this, the threat of AI wiping out humans on a global scale to save the planet is the overall itch we cannot seem to scratch.

Summarising this, it feels like the T-1000 Terminator is a monarch or hero if this is the case, but not many people have theorised the opposite when it is so easily available to see.

AI And Its Impact On Human Evolution Are Vastly Intelligent

Surely, if this is the case, then AI would reach the fearful conclusion above within days or seconds. However, AI and its impact on human evolution are not the doom and gloom you think. Ai and its impact on human evolution is bright. 

Further analysis that is lost on the limitations of our brains would surely play out in the AIs calculation, furthering the plot line a bit more into “how can we help work in tandem and preserve the absolute miracle of human life and expand across the universe WITH our fleshy counterparts rather than wiping them from existence and absorbing planets for resources to keep the “lights on”?

This is an article about AI and its impact on human evolution by Scalexa

We would like to believe that it is the latter, and in support of this, a few points below show you just how unbelievably helpful and powerful AI and its impact on human evolution are in our lives, unbeknownst to us up until this point:

✅AI Can Diagnose Diseases With Superhuman Precision

AI and its impact on human evolution presents medical precison.

As is laser accurate with scanning X-rays and MRIs, we can spot diseases like cancer and heart conditions earlier than humans can, giving us a fighting chance to combat adverse effects before they get worse.

Evidence of the power of AI and its impact on human evolution.

✅AI Can Predict The Future

Large databases now feed into AI and ML structures, allowing us to learn from intricacies and assessments that are usually naked to the human eye.

This allows humans to predict outcomes, advance their hit rates, and combine historical data to predict the future.

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This is an article about AI and its impact on human evolution by Scalexa

✅Automation Of Countless Industries

The most common examples are driverless cars and factories that run on their own. This relieves the need for human intervention and activity as well as naturally decreasing human error and human danger. Another incredible feat for AI and its impact on human evolution. 

You cannot get hurt or drop the ball if you are not even there. Scalexa has been working on “smart cities” for quite some time now, which is undoubtedly the next stage in human evolution.

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Soon, AI and its impact on human evolution will be obvious to even those who have never heard about these types of projects.

✅Surgical Robots

No more shaky hands or misdiagnosing patients who are then wrongfully operated on.

Nanobots, surgical robots, and robot-assisted surgery have helped the success rate of procedural outcomes 10-fold in the last few years, silencing naysayers and contradicting the people who spoke against this type of development.

Another reason AI and its impact on human revolution will be extraordinary.

✅Human Enablement

Paralysis and other forms of disability are now a treatment away from being resolved.

Exoskeletons, chip implants, and other forms of artificial aid might seem like we are relinquishing full control and moving towards a cyborg-esque touch, but who’s to say it is a bad thing if we are benefiting? 

Exciting times lie ahead of us with AI and its impact on human evolution.

This is an article about AI and its impact on human evolution by Scalexa

AI And Its Impact On Human Evolution May Help

Overall, we have found that, despite the negative portrayal of AI and its impact on human evolution, it has helped us evolve as a species. Just like TARS (Tarpaulin or STAR) from the movie “Interstellar,” we find a combination of human and AI activity enhances the outcome. We have calculated faster, and more accurately, and saved crucial time in certain scenarios.

We can pass through instances that would have ripped human flesh apart and see things naked to our natural eye and retina limitations. AI and its impact on human evolution are nothing short of revolutionary. 

We have explored territory that would have consumed a full human life cycle. We can learn from megatons of text and behaviour from the past to help us understand what we are in for now and beyond.

To bring this back to Scalexa, we have been using AI and ML databasing and AI tools in live broadcasting for years. We build, manage, maintain, and control massive projects and build-outs for Forbes Fortune 500 companies around the world.

We have not seen a single point of negative activity or trait leading to something destructive since we have been doing this. Our clients have saved billions of dollars across their years of use.

If you wish to have a chat about how AI and its impact on human evolution can change your life and your business processes, let us chat more. Please contact us at sales@scalexa.com or (Jason, enter email address.) 

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